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jQuery Mobile bits

Recently I was experimenting with jQuery Mobile. As a result of it I have created a number of short examples which I would like to share below. They may serve as a good starting point for a mobile web application or just as a playground for various web technologies and frameworks. You could go and grab them from GitHub.


UPDATED - 04/01/2014

10. JQM Multi Page with dynamic page creation
9. JQM RSS Feed with collapsible posts
8. JQM RSS Feed with better layout
7. JQM RSS Feed
6. JQM Login Page
5. JQM Multi Page with multiple HTML and widgets
4. JQM Multi Page with navigation and effects
3. JQM Multi Page with navigation
2. JQM Multi Page
1. JQM Single Page
Leonid Zolotarev 24 March 2014
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