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WANTED: Project Manager / Browser Technology Specialist

Our browser team is looking to hire Project Managers and Software Developers (C/C++/Linux).

The position below describes the browser technology specialist but we are also looking for a project manager to work for the same domain.

Apply online for this position.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean rendering in MicroB engine

Maemo CJK Support project provides excellent support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean input and rendering.

I've installed the 4.0 Beta Release of maemo CJK on OSSO 1.0 with the latest version of the Mozilla based browser for maemo.

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Extra fonts for MicroB engine

I was able to get Arabic and Chinese fonts rendering with MicroB engine.

  1. Go to http://browser-extras.garage.maemo.org/ with your Nokia N800 device

  2. Install Arabic True Type Font and Chinese True Type Font

  3. Reboot the device

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MicroB Party

Hacking is nice but sometimes it is good to get out and have some beer.

Here are some pictures made by Romaxa at Ristorante Gastone and Kaisla pub:


Mozilla based browser for Nokia 770

Nokia 770 owners could now try our latest Mozilla based browser.

More information is available here: MicroB for 770.

n770 MicroB

Mozilla based browser for maemo: 2nd public release

I have been using this release for at least couple of weeks. It is much more stable and has many big fixes for annoying bugs from the previous release. See more about improvements here.

The second public release has also support for Google Spreadsheets.

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Mozilla based browser for maemo is out!

After the huge efforts spent by the browser team members to develop, tune and polish Mozilla engine, it is finally available for public. Big-big-big thanks and congratulations to all who was (and is) involved in the project, guys at Nokia and INdT, Mozilla community for great help and patience ;-)

Quick links:

Memo: Maemo Software.

N800 software repositories: http://maemo.org/maemowiki/ApplicationRepositories