LeoZ BloG

N800 blogging.

I own one of the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet devices. Now it seems to be possible to blog right from the device.

I'm using Maemo Blog application for it. The program is still beta-alike. It is very limited and doesn't store categories.

Here is my current N800 desktop:

Nokia N800

I've created this post with Maemo Blog. Mostly ;-)

My Projects

I've wrote a page about the projects I've been participating: http://leoz.net/projects.html

I'm going to put more stuff on it as soon as I'd be able to recall ;-)

Crash your Opera

Crash your Opera browser here: http://sarissa.sourceforge.net/doc/test/testsarissa.html

Helsinki Firefox 2.0 party

Yesterday I've attended the Firefox 2.0 party in Helsinki.

Chatting with Romaxa:

Firefox 2.0 party

More USA trip photos...

This is a full set of photos I've made during this trip to California:

USA, CA, 2006

Golden Gate

Some pictures from San Francisco:

2006, USA Trip

Sep 14, 2006 - 5 Photos

London calling...

The first thing I saw when I've entered Heathrow airport was this huge sign:

From 2006, USA Trip

It says in Russian: "Welcome to London". Such a nice support!

Rendering performance test results


Browsers and platform:


  1. Swift 0.1 - about 3 seconds
  2. Opera 9 - about 3.3 seconds
  3. FF 2.0 Beta 2 - about 4.7 seconds
  4. Flock 0.7 - about 5 seconds
  5. FF 3.0 - about 5.2 seconds
  6. MS IE 7 - about 5.8 seconds


  • Swift 0.1 is a winner.
  • MS IE 7 is a looser.