Migrated to Hexo

I moved my old Jekyll based blog to Hexo.

GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I migrated my blog to GitHub Pages and Jekyll from WordPress and PHP. Jekyll is a static site building system. GitHub supports it by default. I took Jekyll-Bootstrap as a starting point, migrated all of my old WordPress blog entries and made some final touch with CSS and JavaScript. Jekyll on GitHub Pages does not support plug-ins due to security reasons. So there is no way to use all that fancy stuff made with Ruby. But there are plenty of other ways to enhance the blog with e.g. jQuery and CSS.

Troubles with blog posting

It is not actually a trivial thing to make a blog post. I’ve spend about 25 minutes trying to write all the stuff about WordPress, spell checker in Firefox 2.0 Beta and so on. And what is a result? Firefox crashed and destroyed all my data with nice looking lists, links and a custom HTML editing. I gave up. I went for Windows Live Writer and now I’m more or less happy with this tool.

Hello world!

Let’s keep it simple: this is a first post.

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