Isis Project is live!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. The reason for that is that I was actually quite busy working. Working on something that I could not really discuss here. But now the situation has changed. The project I’m working on is an integral part of HP webOS platform. And this platform is being open sourced now. So I can finally talk about it in my blog :)

The project name is Isis and it is a webOS browser application. It’s exactly the same browser application you can find on webOS 3.0.5 with one major difference: it uses a recent version of WebKit or to be more precise QtWebKit.

So basically having the webOS build environment in place one can compile Isis browser and replace the one used by webOS 3.0.5.

This browser is not, in any sense, a final product. On the contrary, it’s the bleeding edge of the development my team is working on now. Do not be surprised by some features not working, missing functionality, etc. But, hey, it’s a work in progress! Feel free to provide your feedback or join us to develop it further! The project is open for contributions! Join us here: or on github:


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