Recent NPM packages

I published some packages on NPM which could be useful for somebody working with XML-RPC API:

  1. SAX Parser - an XML parser written in JavaScript
  2. UTF-8 and Base64 - UTF-8, Base64 and Base64url Javascript encoding
  3. XML-RPC parser - XML-RPC to JSON parser and converter

These are pure JavaScript libraries which should work with e.g. Node.js or React Native.

Ionic and CodePen

CodePen is one of the best tools to make quick UX snippets using web technology.

My latest mockups with Ionic:

jQuery Mobile bits

Recently I was experimenting with jQuery Mobile. As a result of it I have created a number of short examples which I would like to share below.
They may serve as a good starting point for a mobile web application or just as a playground for various web technologies and frameworks. You could go and grab them from GitHub.


UPDATED - 04/01/2014

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