JavaScript performance test results


  • Hardware: IBM ThinkPad T41, Intel Pentium M 1.59 GHz, 512M of RAM
  • OS: MS Windows XP SP2



  • MS Internet Explorer 7, RC, version 7.0.5700.6
  • Firefox-Minefield, version 3.0a1, Mozilla 1.9a1, Gecko/2006090404
  • Flock, version, Mozilla, Gecko/20060731, Firefox/
  • Opera 9.01
  • Swift 0.1, WebKit for WIN32

Over complicated browsing

There is one Firefox extension that can convert it into a “semantic web browser”: Piggy Bank.

It’s about 5.5 MB and also requires Java. It provides another “view” to a web page by gathering some statistics and reformatting the page layout accordingly.

Didn’t quite get what is a purpose of all this “enhancements” but, nevertheless, I’m sure it’s a trend.

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