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Ionic and CodePen

CodePen is one of the best tools to make quick UX snippets using web technology.

My latest mockups with Ionic:

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jQuery Mobile bits

Recently I was experimenting with jQuery Mobile. As a result of it I have created a number of short examples which I would like to share below. They may serve as a good starting point for a mobile web application or just as a playground for various web technologies and frameworks. You could go and grab them from GitHub.


UPDATED - 04/01/2014

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Places of summer

Some places I've been to recently...

San Gregorio Seattle Toronto
San Gregorio Seattle Toronto

WebKit new attribute cheat sheet

This is a step list explaining how to implement a new HTML attribute for WebKit. I'm going to use QtWebKit for this execise but this approach is generic enough to be used for any other backend. Here is a note for building Qt and QtWebKit on Ubuntu Linux.

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QtWebKit building cheat sheet

This cheat sheet explains how to build Qt and QtWebKit from source code on Ubuntu Linux. It assumes x86 machine and Ubuntu 13.04. The instructions based on the following article: http://qt-project.org/wiki/Building_Qt_5_from_Git

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GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I migrated my blog to GitHub Pages and Jekyll from WordPress and PHP. Jekyll is a static site building system. GitHub supports it by default. I took Jekyll-Bootstrap as a starting point, migrated all of my old WordPress blog entries and made some final touch with CSS and JavaScript. Jekyll on GitHub Pages does not support plug-ins due to security reasons. So there is no way to use all that fancy stuff made with Ruby. But there are plenty of other ways to enhance the blog with e.g. jQuery and CSS.

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Isis Project is live!

It's been a long time since I posted anything here. The reason for that is that I was actually quite busy working. Working on something that I could not really discuss here. But now the situation has changed. The project I'm working on is an integral part of HP webOS platform. And this platform is being open sourced now. So I can finally talk about it in my blog :)

The project name is Isis and it is a webOS browser application. It's exactly the same browser application you can find on webOS 3.0.5 with one major difference: it uses a recent version of WebKit or to be more precise QtWebKit.

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Jobs in Mountain View

We are looking for the dedicated software developers willing to work in the Internet Browser team in Mountain View, California: