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We are looking for an experienced software engineer and an architect for the browser team:

Browser QA specialist wanted

We are looking for the Browser QA specialist.

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2009: We Want You!

We are looking for talented and dedicated software specialists to join the Maemo Internet Browser team in Helsinki, Finland:

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Open Positions

We are looking for talented and self motivated software developers, architects and project managers to join our browser software development team:

Browser performance test

Friends ;-) recommended me this page to test the browser performance:

dhtml benchmark

This test is especially good if one needs to test the event handling performance in the browser engine.

WANTED: Technical Project Manager

Our browser team is looking for a Technical Project Manager to join us working on a web browsing technology software for a Linux software stack based on an open source.

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WANTED: Project Manager / Browser Technology Specialist

Our browser team is looking to hire Project Managers and Software Developers (C/C++/Linux).

The position below describes the browser technology specialist but we are also looking for a project manager to work for the same domain.

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Chinese, Japanese and Korean rendering in MicroB engine

Maemo CJK Support project provides excellent support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean input and rendering.

I’ve installed the 4.0 Beta Release of maemo CJK on OSSO 1.0 with the latest version of the Mozilla based browser for maemo.

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