JavaScript and browsers

One guy made JavaScript speed comparison between Firefox, IE and Opera: JavaScript Speed Tests.

Results are such: Firefox, IE - suxx, Opera - rulez.

There is another comparison regarding standards support: Link #1, Link #2 and Link #3.

Nevertheless, when it comes to AJAX support the result could be opposite. Check Netvibes with the browser of Your choice.

marketing new technology

On essence of the new technology marketing is, certainly, a logo.

I’ve recently discovered that these two recent buzzwords, WEB 2.0 and AJAX, have own logos already.


Over complicated browsing

There is one Firefox extension that can convert it into a “semantic web browser”: Piggy Bank.

It’s about 5.5 MB and also requires Java. It provides another “view” to a web page by gathering some statistics and reformatting the page layout accordingly.

Didn’t quite get what is a purpose of all this “enhancements” but, nevertheless, I’m sure it’s a trend.

Troubles with blog posting

It is not actually a trivial thing to make a blog post. I’ve spend about 25 minutes trying to write all the stuff about WordPress, spell checker in Firefox 2.0 Beta and so on. And what is a result? Firefox crashed and destroyed all my data with nice looking lists, links and a custom HTML editing. I gave up. I went for Windows Live Writer and now I’m more or less happy with this tool.

Hello world!

Let’s keep it simple: this is a first post.

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