GitHub Pages and Jekyll

I migrated my blog to GitHub Pages and Jekyll from WordPress and PHP. Jekyll is a static site building system. GitHub supports it by default. I took Jekyll-Bootstrap as a starting point, migrated all of my old WordPress blog entries and made some final touch with CSS and JavaScript. Jekyll on GitHub Pages does not support plug-ins due to security reasons. So there is no way to use all that fancy stuff made with Ruby. But there are plenty of other ways to enhance the blog with e.g. jQuery and CSS.

Isis Project is live!

It’s been a long time since I posted anything here. The reason for that is that I was actually quite busy working. Working on something that I could not really discuss here. But now the situation has changed. The project I’m working on is an integral part of HP webOS platform. And this platform is being open sourced now. So I can finally talk about it in my blog :)

The project name is Isis and it is a webOS browser application. It’s exactly the same browser application you can find on webOS 3.0.5 with one major difference: it uses a recent version of WebKit or to be more precise QtWebKit.

Jobs in Mountain View

We are looking for the dedicated software developers willing to work in the Internet Browser team in Mountain View, California:

More jobs...

We are looking for an experienced software engineer and an architect for the browser team:

Browser QA specialist wanted

We are looking for the Browser QA specialist.

Do not wait! Apply now!

2009: We Want You!

We are looking for talented and dedicated software specialists to join the Maemo Internet Browser team in Helsinki, Finland:

It's out!

Open Positions

We are looking for talented and self motivated software developers, architects and project managers to join our browser software development team:

Browser performance test

Friends ;-) recommended me this page to test the browser performance:

dhtml benchmark

This test is especially good if one needs to test the event handling performance in the browser engine.

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